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X-Traction/Magnatraction Slide Guide Jeff Buyer

HO Race Pro ( makes a guide flag to convert most HO cars to run on standard routed tracks and large scale plastic tracks. They dont, however, list a guide for the popular Johnny Lightning X-Traction cars.

I decided to try my hand at converting a few of my X-Traction cars tosee how well it works on my routed home track. I used the .089 guiderecommended for the Tomy cars.

    slide guide photo1

    First off, after removing the guide pin, pickup shoes, springs, and front wheels, a few modifications to the X-Traction chassis are necessary. Approximately 3/16 of the hump on the underside of the chassis must be removed in order to clear the guide. Next, put the pickup shoes back on and bend until they lie flat against the chassis. Solder an old pickup shoe on as shown in the picture - it is best to mark where it goes and remove the shoe so that your soldering iron does not distort the chassis.

    After trimming the retaining rings off of the Race Pro guide (part SG8902), slide the guide into the hole previously used for the guide pin. Slip one of the retainer rings onto the guide pose until it is just tight enough to hold the guide in place. Cut off the excess post above the ring and add a drop of super glue gel to hold the ring in place. Remove the guide and set aside until the glue has dried.

    slide guide photo2
    slide guide photo3

    Reinstall the pickup shoes and springs. Crimp the front end so the shoe rests flat against the chassis. Install the slide guide. Bend the top 1/8 of the upright shoes to create a solder point for your lead wires. Follow the slide guide instructions for installing the lead wires, but do not cross the lead wires, as it will cause a short.

    Put the front wheels and body on and go for a test drive. While the power supply needs to be dialed down to 12 volts for the other brands of cars, the X-Traction cars run quite well at 18 volts.

    Once you try the slide guide, you wont want to go back.

    slide guide photo4


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