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    Home Tracks

    Home tracks can be acquired in various scales: HO, 1/43, 1/32. and 1/24. With a little work, you can build a track in your garage or basement (or in a room in your house if the wife is cool with it). The construction of the tables to hold a plastic track can be a great family project. Some enthusiasts have a lot of fun decorating the scenery to replicate their favorite raceway.

    A typical table layout might cover a 4’ X 16’ area or larger. This is plenty of space for the smaller scales (HO and 1/43). The larger scales might require a slightly larger footprint to make room for an interesting layout. This can get quite pricey for the large scale plastic track; but if you are handy with power tools, you might consider hand routing a track out of particle board. My son and I have made two routed tracks. We sold them both prior to our move to North Carolina, and we currently have a 4-lane plastic setup in our basement. There are plenty of websites that have guides to building your own tracks. Gregory Braun has a great website for HO slot racing: He also provides a free lap counter software and several methods for lap sensors. For building a larger scale routed track, Old Wierd Herald has a great article:

    Here are a couple of pics of my old routed track. My son was six when we  built this. He helped with the painting and braiding the track. This was truly a father/son project and we had a great time building it and we had a lot of fun running our cars on it over the years.

    3 lane home track

    3 lane slot car track

    Here’s a pic of our current 4-lane plastic track layout. My son, who is now 14, helped me build the table and put the track together. He has been nagging me to get started on the lap counter. Eight years after we built our first track and we’are still having fun building track and running slotcars.

    artin home track


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