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Slot Car Controllers


Often overlooked, the controller really can make a difference in how well you drive a slot car. Until the 1990's all controllers consisted of a wiper arm swiping along a resistor. The hotter the motor in the car, the lower the ohm or the resistor. For this reason, if someone wanted to race different classes, you would need different controllers or solder in a different resistor each race.

In the 1990's power diode and power transistor controllers appeared. Instead of varying current, these controllers varied voltage so for the first time, one controller could work for any type of slot car, HO slot car - wing racing.


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turbo img

The Parma turbo controller is owned by anyone who races commercial slot cars since the late seventies.

turbo cont pro img

The pro version of the turbo has an epoxyed resistor for longer life.

sebring img

The sebring controller was the standard controller since the late 1960's when thumb controllers proved inferior. Starting life as a Ruskit controller, it was later purchased Parma who has sold it by the thousands for the past 3 decades and will continue.
  Electronic controllers to be added soon.