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Enduring Slot Car Legacy

Friday, 7 September 2012, 19:40 | 1/24 Slot Cars | 0 Comment | Read 6994 Times
by Slot Car

The hobby of slot car racing as we know it today, has been one of the most enduring technological hobbies of modern times.

American Purple 1965

slot cars

American Orange 1966

The exact year of when slot cars were invented is debatable. But as far as being able to buy and race a car on a slot car track in a retail venue, that year is probably 1963.

So you can see, slot cars have survived against other hobbies, political climates, video games, radio control, simulators and even it’s own inner turmoil. The average slot car track has struggled since the late 60’s.

There are many different links to slot car racing information on our website.

Primarily big time commercial slot cars, but other types too.

slot car racing

1/32 scale commercial track

Slot car racing is a complex hobby ranging from small HO and 1/43 Chinese slot car sets you buy at Toys R Us for very little money. There is the very realistic looking European 1/32 slot cars that are plastic and still regarded more as toys than sport. Finally there are the 1/24 scale professional quality slot cars made of metal and run on commercial wood tracks with big budgets and technology associated with them.[ad#Adsense250]

This is the type of slot car racing we will write about the most. Commercial slot car racing is what makes the hobby exciting.

No matter what you want to know about slot car racing, we cover some of it here. Types of slot car motors, all scales of slot cars, building slot cars, resources, types of slot car tracks and of course a slot car store at amazon for safe shopping.

Slot car raceways really struggle to stay open. Rent is huge, and so is the electric bill. If you know of a raceway around you, please make a point of support them and racing.

There is no better hobby, and slot cars will survive with home tracks in garages and basements worldwide. But the is something special in driving a 1/24 scale car on a big 155′ track. So do it while you can. Support slot car racing – Race Often!

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