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Parma is responsible for keeping slot car racing alive in the USA. They offer every scale of product and they do it cheaper than any other manufacturer. It has always been important to give the raceways every chance at survival. For Parma this meant never selling direct to the public or hobby stores, only raceways via distributorships. If a distributor was caught selling to the public, Parma would not sell to them any more. With the Internet, it has become impossible to protect the raceways and that is just another reason commercial slot car racing's days are numbered. Even to this day Parma sticks to it's policy. Yes you can buy their products direct from their website but the order itself if filled and shipped from a raceway, not Parma. They only take the order. They actually make home set cars that run on plastic tracks.

Here is a gallery of current cars Parma offers for sale. Click on any thumbnail to see a larger image.

parmaslot012006.jpg parmaslot052006.jpg parmaslot062006.jpg parmaslot072006.jpg parmaslot082006.jpg
parmaslot092006.jpg parmaslot102006.jpg parmaslot112006.jpg parmaslot122006.jpg parmaslot132006.jpg
parmaslot142006.jpg parmaslot152006.jpg parmaslot162006.jpg    


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