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1997 1/24 Eurosport – Semi-scale open car

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by Slot Car

The name eurosport came about because while America was focusing on wing car racing. Europe was taking the wings off and doing open class type racing.

1 24 euroThe cars aren’t scale but at least one can tell what they are supposed to be. Mainly GTP cars.

The 1/24 car here is an early eurosport. The chassis is a modified JK kit. It is made from plated JK edm cut spring steel.

In 1997, not all tracks were swoopy interpretations of king tracks nor were there any supersmooth MTT road courses in the USA. So compared to today’s euro’s, these chassis were heavy so they could work anywhere.

Another difference from today is the front wheels. This chassis actually has them. Today’s cars put front wheel stickers – just ridiculous.

5/8” diameter was the rule. Some rules required 1/4” wide as well while others allowed the o-ring type shown here.

One important modification to this chassis was a solid front axle assembly attached to the center of the chassis. Doing this makes the center hinge function. If this isn’t done, the center hinge actually becomes a detriment to handling.

Another modification is the addition of a bite bar. The original design only used the outriggers in the rear to stop the pans from sagging down. Under down-force though, the front of the pans easily were pushed down to the track surface and dragged.

80 pitch gears became the rage. They were smoother and have ever so slightly better efficiency. But getting the gear mesh right was very critical.

This chassis uses the inborn gear design. This was first developed around 1984. It allowed the left side of the car to have just as much leverage as the right side which meant more bite in the right turns finally. It also allowed one to change spur gears of different teeth without unsoldering the motor to adjust the mesh.

Some things haven’t changed. The open motor used in euros for instance. The motor pictured here is a Camen tall magnet setup with a Koford armature. The arm is 26 turns of 25awg. This is really the hottest arm that can be driven without wings. More common arms for today’s lighter euros are 26awg, 31 turns of 27 or even 28 gauge winds.


The body is a Nissan obviously. It’s pitched nose gave a little more room for the front wheels over the more popular Parma Intrepid body. A definite advantage for this chassis.


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