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1965 New Old Stuff Lotus F1

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by Slot Car

This lotus slot car isn’t old. In fact it was built in 2005.


Originally this would have had a Cox driver figure and a mabuchi 13D motor. But this one has a version of the falcon motor widely used today but was very new to commercial racing at that time.

If you are familiar with the D3 class being raced today then you are seeing the beginning of it here. The class originated at Buena Park raceway. There were only about 5 of us at first who rented the track and raced these F1 type cars. Only a year later did they add rudders and later pans, to accept a TI22 body and the D3 class was born.

early falcon F1 slot car

Super light at less than 70 grams, this car is very fast on a king however it is very hard to drive consistently. It was too light and too skinny. The reproduction low profile wide F! Ferrari was the dominant body

The body is actually vintage butyrate from 1965.

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