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Slot Cars for Sale

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by Slot Car

The stuff comes in and gets sold. Sometimes it is here but when you visit a buy link it is gone. I will try to keep the page updated.

Limited to USA buyers only due to high shipping costs


Dale Earnhardt Flexi2 Super 16D – used

dale earnhardt slot car

This car hasn’t been used much. I have installed a new 3/32 axle and spur gear. I have blueprinted the motor. The motor is soldered in place with a brace. The front axle is soldered with a brace to keep it from flopping around when it bends.

The chassis is strait. The tires are Alpha Piranha for super bite.

The body is missing some lettering from being touched with solvents cleaning the tires. It is a little beat up since it was raced on another car. It is however a Dale Earnhardt body made when Autographics was still around and had the rights to make it.

Out of the box parma cars do not run right. This car is ready to race. Give your kid a spare car he can actually have fun running right away.

Buy it now for $30 sold


Parma Homeset Motor

original parma homeset motor

The homeset motor will run on 6v to 12.8 volts. It is very reliable. This is the 1997 first and best version with the higher quality, heavier duty endbell and hardware.

$9.75 with free shipping. Buy it.



Plafit 1997 Indycar 1/24 Scale Rare

Indycar slot cars are rare in general. In 1997 these true scale cars were imported from Japan. They are very cool and ran good. We even have the Lola body for it. Only a couple in stock and then they are gone. $105.  Buy it here.




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