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Tecno Slot Review – 1/43 Scale Chassis Kit

Tuesday, 28 February 2012, 19:02 | 1/43 Slot Cars | 0 Comment | Read 7779 Times
by Slot Car

tecno slot kitSpace for a decent size slot car track is an issue for most people and has been that way for decades. Although HO or more accurately, 1/64 scale cars have been the annual Christmas gift of choice in the slot genre, they are really different. A serious slot car does not have magnets holding it down to the metal rails of a track.

This has become the norm for 1/32 scale racing as well. Magnets change how a car reacts. Anyone who has driven a professional quality car that relies on gravity and chassis design to stay in the slot, knows what I am saying.

Back to the issue of space. For those of us with poor eyesight, an HO, even if it is a gravity T Jet (the last fun HO ever produced) these tiny cars are hard to see.

If only they were a little bigger. Well there has always been a scale that is a little bigger and that is 1/43 scale. The problem is, very few manufacturers have produced this scale in the past 50 years. I have an aurora pickup truck from ’66. It ran on an standard HO track.

Carrera makes a few today. Unfortunately these are magnet cars. They do run on the 1/32 tracks.

tecno slot reviewEnter the new chassis from Tecno Slot. It is a kit that you adapt your favorite 1/43 model body to. In the US there aren’t many models in this scale but 99 cent store toys are a source for bodies.

The Tecno Slot chassis allows two setups (see Downloads menu on the site):

  • with magnet effect
  • without magnet effect (The one I insist on}

Sergi Bolea of Tecno Slot has tested the chassis on different tracks like: Carrera, Ninco, Scalextric and wood tracks like pros run on.

“Our philosophy/intention with this product is:”

  • Adaptable to any body static car (1:43 scale is available around the world) to slot,
  • Now anyone can make a 1/43 car of their choice,
  • Building a kit is always more gratifying than an RTR,
  • and, of course, to enjoy driving it !

tecno slot mercedes

The kit includes foam as an easy way to mount your body

It sort of reminds me of a 1965 DynoCharger chassis. Or a K&B challenger. This is strictly for the non- scratch-builder who are few and far between. As a class this could be really fun.

tecno slot

I am tempted to fire up my router and make a killer layout on a 4′ x 8′ sheet of particle board designed just for this scale!

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