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Slot Car Tracks (circuits)


Commercial quality:

challenger slot car track graphic

              The Challenger

              • 6 lanes
              • 65 feet
              • 1 24 slot car track

              The Earl    

              • 50 feet
              • 2 or 4 lanes
              • Portable
              • 1 24 slot car track

Plastic Tracks:

Some great layouts can be made with plastic slot car tracks. Downside is, competition slot cars that work on a big slot car track, don't work on these even with a battery as the power source. Sponge tires won't grip the plastic. If you add goop, it is hard to clean up because any solvent you use will attack the plastic. The rails are steel. always recommends taking the traction magnet out of any car. We will repeat this throughout the website. Fishtailing (slide) is the single most important element of fun in driving a slot car. Lack of it, is why slot car racing is dying.


  1 32 slot car track


Spain import

1 32 slot car track

Big Commercial Tracks

Popular with track owners for it's compact size, this track is called a HillClimb. Hillclimbs are usually the "other" track besides the main track.

This track is an Engelman named after the first designer. This is usually the largest slot car track found anywhere today. It is a primary track and very fast.

This is a Comet track, a modern version of what was once known as an orange.

This is a King sometimes called a blue. The King is by far the most popular track layout in all of slot car history. Most raceways will have a King as their primary track.


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