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Tri Oval Home Slot Car Track

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by Slot Car

The road course has dominated slot car racing since it became popular in the early 1960’s. A simple oval wasn’t able to hold the interest of racers. the inside lane is so much shorter than the outside lane that one could never tell where they were in the overall race picture.

But NASCAR is the most popular race series in the world. They race on ovals. Contributing author, Jeff Buyer has taken on the oval track with new ideas.

He has built a tri oval, with elevated turns. He is tuning each lanes voltages, to make lap times similar from the inside to the outside.

oval slot car track

He started out with parts of at old track, which is why it already painted black. This does change.

Now that the sections are bolted together, the track is sanded smooth and primered.

For lane colors, instead of the stripes on either side of the power rails, this method only shows the lane color inside the power rails. Although this is less visible for the turn marshals, it is more scale appearing. The slots are painted before the braiding or surface painting.

Next the surface is painted a light brown to simulate dirt. Sprint cars and other dirt type cars are favorites of Jeff’s.

New clean braid is such a pretty sight. The Slot Car Corner glue/tape system makes the job so easy.

Flat track racing is preferable to swoopy bank tracks which are no challenge. But a little banking in some areas to provide some elevation change is actually ideal for racing fun factor. Shown here is some of the banking. Not extreme is key.


The track is now operational. If you are fortunate to live in Mooresville, N Carolina you may get invited to race on it.

Next update we will show the landscaping to really make this tri oval the whole experience.

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