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This is the first video produced for It features 2 year old Remington driving a slot car for the first time ever. The excitement is real and captured on tape. The video demonstrates a few different types of slot cars on "The Earl" home track. Also in the Video are Bryan the cousin and The worlds most experienced slot car racer Earl Sharer.

The American Raceways blue king is the king of all slot car tracks. Unlike todays euro kings, this one had beautiful formica siding, and a challenging dip inthe straitaway. We would date this video sometime in 1965 although it's release date is pegged in 1966.
Batman 1967 - Bruce, Dickm Alfred & Aunt Harriet Race on a 4 lane plastic set

Batman 1966 - Bruce and Dick race at wayne manor on a 2 lane plastic track

Racing at homes in 2010

Pulp Fiction

What do you do when you have 10,000 British pounds in your pocket? You build the worlds biggest Scalextric track of course. This guy is insane, but in a good way. This will blow your mind.


AJ Foyt is a legend. The very definitive old school racer. This is a pretty funny video.
Adult language. Kids will probably not understand the commentary, however we request that minors not view this video. It starts out at a newscast and the anchor making a career ending comment while introducing the reporter at large. At this point it is safe to watch as a car going around a tri-oval at an Ohio raceway is shown. Not a great video but we try to bring you all the slot car videos remotely worth watching and news covered videos are included. Again Adults only.
Scalextric is the oldest operating name in slot cars. They are strictly home set manufacturing today. This video shows how they produce the very detailed 1/32 cars and tracks in China. Technology has allowed these new slot cars to be the most accurate and detailed in all of history.

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